Shortly after being born near Gympie, Dakar's original owner died and Dakar was placed into the local RSPCA pound.

At 3 months of age and unsold he was transferred to the RSPCA Noosa for a last chance of sale. Luckily he was found and adopted the next day by Mark & Linda.

With an obvious dingo bloodline combined with a lack of early socialisation Dakar was initially assessed as probably not able to reach Advanced Level.

2 years later after numerous large gaps in training (travel commitments) Dakar actually graduated from Advanced.

We coudn't be happier!

Not only did we gain a great companion but David and his crew morphed him into a happy, fun and obedient dog.  We can take him anywhere and he behaves beautifully. Plus he just loves training sessions and can't wait for each week's refresher at The Canine Classroom.


Socialisation · 20%
Confidence · 20%
Obedience · 10%
Dependability · 20%
Fun · 60%


Socialisation · 80%
Confidence · 70%
Obedience · 90%
Dependability · 90%
Fun · 100%

* Assessments made by Dakar's owners.