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You can choose to attend Group Training sessions at ANY of our 5 great locations. As a Member you're welcome to use any of our Group Training sessions at any time. You can even attend EVERY location, every week if you wish!

Your weekly 1 hour training session.  Joining at any time your dog starts in a class at their level & progress into different classes as they pass assessments. Larger classes are split into multiple groups to ensure class-sizes are limited to 15 dogs.

Whether your dog has a specific issue or you just want to accelerate their progress faster, a stint at our Sunshine Coast Live-in Boarding School delivers intensive training over a short period of time. Drop your dog off one day... and discover a new pet a few days later!

You choose how far you wish to take your dog's training. Choose from up to 3 levels of achievement, ranging from Puppies to Control. Each level has differing skill requirements, progressively reaching higher standards.

Does your dog need some focussed professional attention? Do they need to break some old habits? Private lessons provide a personalised training regime to suit your exact requirements. We come to you!

To move through the levels your dog will pass formal assessments. During each assessment they'll objectively demonstrate they have met the required skills for that level. Assessments are held regularly against a list of criteria.

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